Catering Information

Small Pan: For 12-15 People

Medium Pan: For 25-30 People

Large Pan: For 40+ People

*Delivery only available for large party orders with additional fees.

Party Packs

#1 (party of 80-100)

Large Pan Rice, Fish Fillet, Chicken Katsu, Teriyaki Steak, Beef Broccoli, Oriental Chicken Salad, Mochiko Chicken, and House Noodle

B (party of 18-25)

Small Pan BBQ Chicken, Teriyaki Steak, Fried Fish Fillet, Chicken Katsu, and Macaroni Salad

Medium Pan Fried Noodle

20 Pieces Spring Rolls

C (party of 28-32)

Small Pan Macaroni Salad

Medium Pan Teriyaki Steak, Mochiko Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Oriental Chicken Salad, and House Noodle

40 Pieces Fried Shrimp

D (party of 35-40)

Medium Pan Roast Pork w/Gravy, BBQ Chicken, BBQ Short-Rib, Chicken Katsu, Fried Noodle, and Macaroni Salad

40 Pieces Fried Shrimp

E (party of 50-70)

Large Pan Chicken Katsu, BBQ Chicken, Beef Broccoli, Teriyaki Steak, House Noodle and Macaroni or Green Salad

A (party of 15-20)

Small Pan Cold Ginger Chicken, Sweet & Sour Spare Rib, Fried Fish Fillet and Rice